Visitors Book

Read the diverse comments of people from all around the world who have visited Camelot. Most have worked with Valerye in some capacity. Read their heartfelt comments in Valery’s Visitors Book.

Sacred Glastonbury Retreat

Dear Valerye,
Exactly one year has passed now since the ‘mystery’ took me to your doorstep, one Sunday night on Nov. 10, 2013, arriving with a little statue of St. Mary of Gozo. It was a very pleasant and deep experience to be with you and in your sacred space. To be initiated by you into Reiki and to sense the depth of this place called Glastonbury.
I hope you are doing well and your center is thriving, able to provide your home for discovery to many wayfarers. My own life has been going ahead with many outside and inside adventures this past year; and many deep dives into various aspects of the mystery. The latest one was participating in a Sufi retreat with Llewellyn Vaughn Lee in California. I am drawn to sufism as my own place in Tunisia is close to sufi teachers grave. More later.
On this 11. day of the 11. month of the year I just wish to once again thank you so much for having been there for me last year. May the mystery bring us together again whenever the moment is right.
Blessings. Baraka.

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Another enlightening experience. Thank you.
Jane L

Lovely energies. deep, deep meditation. Fantastic day full of learning.
Jane B

Karuna Reiki 1 & 2

Thank you Valerye for the powerful energy clearing and Karuna Reiki attunements. I feel strong shifts are still taking place as this lovely
compassionate energy continues work through me. Your insights and intuitive gifts have helped me through the process and I look forward to doing more work with you.
Lots of love
Linda Paris

A lot of clearing. relaxing. felt the energies lovely experience. Thank you.

Very powerful attunement, perfectly, lovingly, powerfully given.

Thank you for the experience. Very powerful and relaxing.

Thank you for a powerful experience. Hello to the white buffalo woman!

Anubis Reiki 1 & 2

As always with Valerye a day of love, high energy and sharing. fabulous!

What an amazing day. thank you to all the energies and beings who came today for this marvellous transformation. In gratitude.

Multidimensional energy clearing and realignment. I was guided to be with Valerye and her website spoke so much truth directly to my heart. I feel at peace with myself and full of joy.

My deepest gratitude for an amazingly powerful and profound session. Valerye brought through the highest energies, allowing a full activation to occur.

Very powerful healing. Lots resonated. In touch with angels, ascended masters, associates of Camelot. Great images especially of Egypt.

Feeling calm. serene, safe and excited about the future. a heartfelt thanks to you Valerye and all the beings of light.

Very powerful reconnection of energies on many levels. Very clearing. Release of multi dimensional contracts allowing me to move forward in a clear way. Profound!

Usui Reiki

Blissful journey felt safe and beautiful energy dawn

Ascended Masters

Valerye I am so grateful for the work you have done with the masters and us. So blessed and happy to be here.

The workshop was amazing. thank you, thank you, thank you!

Been to beyond the beyond and back, beautiful gateway. Thank you thank you.

Truly amazing. A most transformational weekend. I came away with more than I could have hoped for. Forward into the light.

Great weekend! Special thanks to Babaji and Sai-Baba.

Amazing weekend. Lots of love felt and my heart has been opened. I would love to do it all again and will attend your next workshop happilly.