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It needs the RAIN to make the FLOWERS Grow

Well here I am having a day at the beach with my family as lockdown has been eased to allow this as long as we social distance from everybody else! It will seem weird when lockdown ends as people will have to learn to intermingle again and for a lot of people who are in fear it will be difficult for them to integrate once more into society.

The young man in the picture is my son John. if you have listened to my video you will know he has been taking drugs for many years and alcohol, (like many high souls, to numb the pain of living on planet earth!) about four weeks ago I had a strong knowledge to phone him and to drive 2 hours each way to bring him to my home, it was late at night and he had been drinking heavily due to a very abusive relationship. He is healing well, has not touched drugs and only had one beer, (probably to find he didn’t need it as he hasn’t taken alcohol since!) in the last month while he has been living in my home. 

He started working on Monday and is slowly putting his life back on track hopefully to include seeing his children. He has been listening to John de Ruiter on youtube which has proven very helpful and is genuinely interested in seeking spiritual guidance, knowledge and putting the past and all its harsh lessons behind him, enabling him to move into a more positive phase of his life. With much of the pain and sadness behind him. Like so many of us, once this has been turned around he will be able to use his spiritual gifts to aid others as you have to have been there to walk the talk and really feel for other people as they battle with their own demons!

Know that whatever life throws at you it is to enable your soul to evolve as we only reach for the light through difficulty and it needs the rain to make the flowers grow! It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down its how quickly you get up that counts! Live in the moment without expectation of it being different. Be at peace, be happy, be the love that you are no matter what disturbance appears to be around you its initiation into higher frequencies of light as the earth begins its own ascension. Know that all is well always.

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