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Camelot Retreat Centre Your Home – At The Foot Of The Tor – The Gateway To Enlightenment!

Reduce Stress with Lotus Retreats Meditation Classes, Workshops and Therapies in Murcia, Spain

Aminya is an international teacher, author, artist and lineage holder of the ancient mystery school.

Offering tours to Glastonbury, Stone Henge and other sacred sites. Tailored to your individual needs.

Stargaia is a holistic centre offering a quiet Bed and Breakfast Retreat and Workshops in Glastonbury, UK including Sacred Geometry, Mayan Calendar, Reiki.

Key of Life offers training courses in a variety of healing techniques, Integral Yoga and Meditation Classes and Healing Therapies. This site is brought to you by Chinmayi (Sarah Bradshaw): teacher, holistic therapist, mother and spiritual seeker – not always in that order.

Activate you Life with a full Life Activation. This is an ancient and effective treatment which brings empowerment to all. This site is brought to you by Sophia.

Ann Pattihis specialises in Sound Therapy, Tools for Transformation and Hosting Workshops. Set within the Kent countryside, the soul space has been specially created for you to experience deep peace, pure sound, natural healing, relax let go release old patterns and blocks explore your own consciousness, align body, mind and spirit, discover your soul purpose, find harmony and well-being.

Glastonbury Positive Living Group is open to everyone interested in Personal Development, Spiritual Growth and creating global harmony.

Have you ever looked at the clock and been surprised at how often it says 11.11 or 2.22 or 3.33? The 11:11 Code tells the story of yoga teacher Hilary Carter, who was brave enough to follow the coincidences around numbers to see what would happen.

We are Psychic Fayre, Our events are Mind, Body & Spirit Fayres – ‘The Friendly Fayres’

Excellent Value Haworth Inns

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