Read the diverse comments of people from all around the world who have visited Camelot. Most have worked with Valerye in some capacity. Read their heartfelt comments in Valery’s Visitors Book.

Multidimensional Energy Clearing & Karuna Reiki Testimonial

Very deep, transformational process and blissful experience, very powerful. I got into a state of deep relaxation, very pleasant state. Valerye´s soft velvet voice has healing potential and I got magnetised by it the whole time the work was on. Her guidance was very soothing. I felt her work profoundly physically and emotionally as well. Immediately after the multidimensional energy clearing I got initiated into Anubis reiki which went even deeper and was stronger. I felt honoured, humble and very grateful to be allowed to get access to those beautiful energies. I got very moved and cried. When the process was over I felt reborn. I felt like innocent fragile and very light newborn baby. Very vulnerable and very pure, full of light. Felt necessity to protect this condition as long as possible. I was lucky to have the day for myself and the possibility to spend it in nature. The whole experience could be anchored into my system properly. Many thanks for this exceptional experience Valerye.


Karuna Reiki Testimonial

Valerye is a Reiki Master and a deeply spiritual person with abilities to match. This became very apparent during the Karuna Reiki initiation that I undertook with her. The power of the session took me completely by surprise and was unlike anything else I have experienced. During the energy clearing which was the first part of the session, Valerye took me into a very deep relaxed state, right on the edge of sleep; it was a perfect receptive state. I then physically felt the initiation take hold in my body, each reiki symbol brought in different sensations in the body. There is no doubting the authenticity and effectiveness of the initiation that Valerye gave me. I can highly recommend Valerye to anyone who wishes to progress on their spiritual or reiki journey.


Multidimensional Energy Clearing & Karuna Reiki Testimonial

I wanted to further my reiki practise and came across Valerye as the perfect teacher for me. I decided to complete my level 1 and level 2 in Karuna reiki. Before I got attune Valerye gave me multi dimensional energy clearing. I have never experienced anything like this before. It was truly wonderful. I was taken into a deep meditation and came out of this feeling emotional in a nice way.
It was then on to the Karuna Attunement, almost immediately I could feel a strong presence all around my room, I saw various things during this and the best example would be as I described it, a man with a dogs face, I later found out this was Anubis. Again at the end of this I was overcome with emotion and felt loved. It really was a beautiful experience. I thank you Valerye very much.
Multi dimensional energy clearing – Absolutely amazing. I got taken to a very deep place, with lots of beautiful energy that connected me spiritually on a whole new level.


Thank You Valerye & Camelot Retreat

Dear Valerye, let me thank you for the beautiful time which I spent in Camelot Retreat.
I felt very welcomed. It is an unusual peaceful place full of strong positive energy.
I arrived quite exhausted traveling with strong migrena, overnight all pain dismissed. I felt completely recharged and full of energy climbing up and down the tor……..:)
The Location of the house is really beautiful, very close to Chalice Well, White spring…Tor…
I have enjoyed the meditation room very much, spending some time everyday just sitting and absorbing the energies and peace of space.
I am really very happy to be able to work with you and go through the process of energy cleaning and to be introduced to Ancient Egyptian Mystery.
I realized how strongly I was led to this place and what for,  as it brought a strong shift of bliss to my life. Valerye, my stay in your space was a miracle….I felt like being in a place “where I used to be and live”, just not having enough words to describe the peace within me which I felt during my stay in Camelot retreat. Thank you and I know we are connected forever.

Love & Light, Petra

Karuna Reiki Testimonial

My experience with Karuna Reiki has been very emotional, very insightful and above all i experience times of peace even when my world is in absolute chaos and so much unknown. The symbols have expanded my consciousness and i experience deep shifts within me. I have also experienced deep visions and tapped into other lifetimes that i had not tapped into before. So much more awareness,. I would highly recommend this healing practice.


Multidimensional Energy Clearing Testimonial

Hi, my name is Annie and I had a facilitation with Valerye for the Multidimensional Energy Clearing a few weeks ago. Valerye is very gifted, I felt many energy shifts through the facilitation which continue as i have incorporated her teachings as part of my daily life.

I was very intrigued when i listened to Valerye’s video on her Facebook page. I immediately e-mailed her after listening to her journey and asked about the Multidimensional Energy Clearing. She e-mailed me back we had the facilitation 2 days later.

She is very talented and gifted in her work. She explained the process to me, and checked in with several times after our session.  She is very passionate in helping others step more into who they are at their core. This was my very first time with Valerye and I am so glad i listened to her video and e-mailed her right after that.

My life is currently so much in the unknown. My old self would have paniced and got completely overwhelmed at the events currently unfolding on my path. In the midst of chaos, i can find such peace and keep myself grounded . Being able to experience that peace is such a gift, and i have to remind myself it is a gift. I have received many other gifts, such as tapping more and more into the Higher Consciousness, while receiving more insights and clarity from past lives.

If you are unsure if this is for you, but you want to step more and more into your own authentic being and let go of the old, then i highly recommend working with Valerye.
She is the real deal, and i am so happy i paid attention to my intuition and contacted her.


Multidimensional Energy Clearing & Karuna Reiki Attunement

‘I was fortunate to receive multidimensional energy clearing with Karuna Reiki 1 & 2 attunement online with Valerye. The experience was magical and I felt my hands tingling while drifting into the air voluntarily throughout. It was spiritually beautiful and it left me feeling peaceful and ethereal. The healing energies worked through me as I completed the Karuna reiki self healing exercises using the symbols as instructed.

Karuna reiki is now a central component of my meditative practices and it supports my reiki healing sessions from a deeply emotional perspective. The vibrational energies feel more intense and I feel more spiritually attuned to my spiritual guides.Valerye has supported me and guided me through my learning and development and is always available to help”.

LM July 2022

Anubis Reiki Attunement

I had a multidimensional healing session and Anubis Reiki attunement session with Valerye recently and I felt like I was lifted very high – and I experienced motion sickness(!) – during the session due to its transformational energy. The channeling that comes through Valerye feels very powerful and her nature is steady, calm, and reassuring.

The Anubis Reiki element that I experienced was also powerful and I had a very calm, lack of fear feeling that lasted long after the session ended. I am going to put into practice what Valerye taught me during the attunement and I will use the Anubis healing energy during my own treatments with clients.

Valerye explains the whole process clearly and answers any questions you may have too. She is strong energy herself and I’m sure anyone will love a cleansing and uplifting session with her.

With thanks, Cróna

Multidimensional Clearing

I had my second multi-dimensional healing with Valeyre and it was truly beautiful. She has a calm and nurturing quality about her which instantly makes you feel comfortable. I felt a deep sense of clarity and was able to let go of the old easily after my session. After my treatment from Valerye, as the day went by, I had an overwhelming feeling of the absence of fear and overall peace. It was soothing and yet so natural. I would recommend you contact Valerye before she gets booked out!

Anushka Lalwani
Barcelona/London | www.anushkalalwani.com

Karuna Reiki

I just recently received healing and training in Karuna reiki with Valerye. I treated my mum on a recent visit to Ireland and my mum was blown away with the effect of the treatment. Her shoulders and back were stiff and she felt restricted by the pain. I joined with her, as Valerye taught me, and carried out the treatment for 45 minutes or so, using the symbols and inviting Ascended Masters in. My mum’s pain lifted completely! And she also said she felt lighter as the day went by.

After my treatment from Valerye, as the day went by, I had an overwhelming feeling of the absence of fear and overall peace. It was soothing and yet so natural. I would recommend you contact Valerye before she gets booked out!


Anubis Reiki

Hi Valerye,

Here are three testimonials I had in the last two years that I have been attuned to Anubis Reiki and used it in one-one treatments as well as in a group healing meditation. I am really enjoying working with this Reiki and recommend it to anyone who wants to reach a higher level of enlightenment and provide high-frequency healing to their clients. 

“I received Anubis treatment from Anushka as I was feeling stuck and finding it hard to get direction in my personal life. I found Anushka to be very clear on what she would be doing, and the treatment itself was very powerful, the energy was anchoring me down and clearing away blocked energy. I felt great immediately after so much so that I saw Anushka for one more treatment.” 

“Since our healing reiki meditation, I’ve felt so much better and also manifested 3 auditions. Thank you so much”

“Thank you for the reiki session, I wanted to let you know it did something for me, yesterday I found 600 euros on the street, it seemed like it was there for me. Thank you and I hope that abundance flows to you and all.”

I hope this is okay.  I need a few more days to send you the inter-dimensional healing as I am still processing some things. I am not on the phone or Facebook but you can email me if anything. I will be back online after the 16th! Wishing you a great week ahead. 

Anushka Lalwani
Barcelona/London | www.anushkalalwani.com

Karuna & Anubis Reiki

Before I stumbled upon Valerye Dayton’s website, I had no urge to learn reiki. The second I began to read about her course in Anabuis ancient practices, I felt the calling to do this work. Because of the high vibrations accompanying the Anubis practices, we began with the Multidimensional Energetic Clearing & Realignment plus the Karuna Reiki attunement. During our session I felt tingles all over my body, mostly coming from the right side and within my calves & feet. I experienced a beautiful union within myself, and a closer encounter to my guides and the Ascended Masters.

I am just 4 days into my 21-day training of the Karuna Reiki, and already feel incredible. The daily practices Valerye has given me, has truly helped me on my personal journey of embodying my higher self, and stepping into my soul’s purpose whole heartedly. It was a series of synchronicities that brought me to Valerye Dayton, and they have continued to show me the next few steps I will be taking.

I look forward to using Karuna Reiki within my own practice as an Aromatherapist & Artist. As well as, continuing my training into the Anubis ancient Egyptian energetic practices so that I can help others raise their vibration and step into their soul’s purpose, just as Valerye has done with me. Even in such a short amount of time, I have had tremendous shifts within my personal life, and in turn with my professional.

I highly recommend reaching out and having a session with Valerye Dayton. She is incredibly personable, highly intuitive, and genuinely cares for the betterment of our collective. I am eternally grateful for the gifts I have received through working with Valerye, and I look forward to seeing what more is in store.

Anahita Tahamtanzadeh
Owner | Anahita@HaomaEssentialBlends.com | +1 408.459.8061

Karuna Reiki

Thank you for our session today and we were able to move the temporary distractions of dogs at both ends allowing the path to open and the transmission to begin. It’s not always best over Skype I have found zoom to be better but then we were less distracted by visuals so that can work as a plus.

I was completely guided towards Valerye her guidance and forthright manner allowed me to listen and trust. I felt the energy clearing for me was essential despite in the past I had done transmissions to clear myself but with Valerye, I believe it has prominently cleared. I will also see how my body responds over these next few weeks as part of the clearing.

In addition, I was given a beautiful visualization of mentally seeing all of my past released on all levels and rejoicing in the new rising of the sun.

Valerye talked me through the Karuna Symbols how to integrate them over the next 21 days. What I felt was of great importance was the application of NOT ‘doing with effort’ which for me is what I needed to hear.. as I’m ‘ a doer’. I am excited to see the magic of The Karuna Reiki whilst softly anticipating its restorative energy and balance to my life and indeed to others.

Valerye has positive energy with her guides that bring you through the process and also carries us through these next 21 days as we evolve.

Thank you so much.
Chloe Loft

I had a wonderful experience with Valerye’s Attunement Karuna Reiki session. I was transported up into light and felt connected to a vastness that I could never access on my own. Valerye’s gift is powerful and I am writing this an hour after the session and the feeling of healing and relaxation is overwhelming! 

During this attunement session I closed my eyes whilst Valerye channelled the karuna energy and employed symbols that she intuited were appropriate for me. I was lifted to a spiritual healing level that felt like it was clearing not only my body but my mind and the energetic field around me. I felt my forehead (third eye) very much and my ears were tingling and itching like bonkers! 

The inner experience is very hard to put into words but there’s a deep feeling of connection to a Higher Consciousness and of a feeling of being cared for and supported. I really relaxed into the whole experience and could feel an ‘activation’ during the attunement process. The colours are beautiful too. I also felt like Valerye and I merged – there was no separation. Again, words don’t do it justice. The benefits are still unfolding and I am sure that they will continue to deepen.

[I will be using karuna reiki in my own healing practice in time and the clarity that Valerye used to train me in karuna reiki is a breath of fresh air. She treats you like you are capable and instills great faith.]

A truly enlightening experience!
Much love and gratitude to Valerye,

Multidimensional Healing

I came across Valerye’s website through my sister’s friend. I read about all the skills and gifts Valerye has been blessed with and I was immediately keen to have a session with her.

I have just had the session and I am blown away by the depth of the joining, healing and connection. Her conviction transports you safely inwards and to a great depth. Her intuition brought in Masters and Angels and Guides that you will ‘know’ when you are with her, and the energy was immense. Valerye is honest and her intention is pure and loving. She also has great gravitas. I felt very confident in her ability to join with me and hold the space. She very humbly always refers to herself as an instrument, not the doer, which reinforces her humility. 

The whole experience is gentle, transformative, uplifting and mind opening! I would highly recommend a healing and uplifting session with Valerye. Valrerye also receives very helpful guidance to help her clients on their journey.

I am very grateful for Valerye. 

July 2020 

Multidimensional Healing & Karuna Reiki

When you first asked me the multidimensional healing, I didn’t hesitate a second as I knew we had something to do together. Then when the Karuna Reiki came to me, I was quite skeptical because I wasn’t used to be initiated by remote. But my intuition told me that it was good timing.

The first feeling when you started to do the multi-dimensional treatment was amazing: it started even before the session !! I felt such warming on my coronal chakra. I saw a nice white light at a time and saw the picture of Satia Saï Baba. I felt tears in my eyes.

During the first week of self-healing with Karuna Symbols, I started to feel so much warmth again with the Zonar symbol, as I was visualizing and named the Hart symbol, I had my tears coming out for a while and it did release something I didn’t know myself. I felt a very fast shake in my heart chakra like I felt a vein in the middle of my chest, and I could feel a little pain in my physical heart that The symbol helped me to release very fast. The visualization of the RAMA symbol made me heard a word: “realignment” I was feeling so well after the twenty minutes that I needed to meditate again.

I just ended my first Karuna self-healing with the 4 first symbols and I didn’t expect to receive so much already from it. I start a few days ago the second work on the 5 following Karuna Symbols. The main point is that things did change and still change and my way of express myself sounds more aligned with my thoughts. Thank you again Valerye for your wonderful work with me. It is definitely the beginning of a new journey. As I said earlier, I will definitely recommend you to people who feel interested in your work.

Looking forward to going and visiting your little paradise in Glastonbury also.

Blessed be

Multidimensional Healing & Anubis Reiki

I did the Multidimensional healing and obtained the Anubis Reiki attunements distantly through Skype with Valerye Dayton few month ago. It was not my first time working through Internet, because such spirit practices work no matter where you are and do not require your physical presence.

Despite working online, it was deep meditation work with staying in conscious condition. During the Multidimensional healing it was as I was somewhere in beautiful land, place, that was somewhere over the sky. I felt the presence of my Guiders – they led me throw that place. During the Anubis Reiki initiation I just felt the acquainted warm in my body. For a moment I sow the imagination of Sai Baba and I felt that everything is Ok and there was no reason to worry about anything.

Next 21 days I kept practicing the Anubis Reiki as it’s usually needed for this type of spirit techniques. It was a little difficult, since after such big cleaning and transformation work the Anubis Reiki continues and increases it. After mentioned period, I stayed out of any spiritual practices for few weeks to take a rest. However, my life has undergone changes. The most important – I felt strong desire to get rid of everything that it wasn’t needed in every sphere of life. It was like in one moment I sow the truth from which I was running away and accepted it – I realized what I really need and what I should release of throw away.

Especially in relationships. It was just clear understanding every my relationship what based on and I have realized with whom I should stay in contact and whom I should release. I had felt some relief and freedom, like the space of life became free and it feels exciting.

I thank Valerye – all spirit techniques, that she helped me to study, such as Karuna Reiki, Anubis Reiki, have been great help in critical periods of my life and become significant tools for my spiritual work. It’s pleasure to work with Valerye – practicing and communication with her brings clarity, understanding, and I am grateful for it.

Mark Kuchugurov

Multidimensional Healing

I did Valerye’s Multi-dimensional energy clearing last week which was brilliant, I felt such a beautiful calming energy and felt a lot lighter as if I released a-ton of old negative energy. I met Valerye way back in 2004 when I trained in Karuna Reiki all levels up to becoming a Master also Magnified Healing plus Anubis all levels as well as Master levels Valerye has been a wonderful teacher with so many gifts that she shares, her beautiful energy and passion are truly amazing. I highly recommend Valerye for all those that are ready to take the next step in their evolution. Thank you so much, Valerye.

Mary Ciampini,
United Kingdom

I had the pleasure of doing a Multi-dimensional Clearing With Valery while in Puttaparthi, India this year.

I felt a lot of healing taking place as she was able to remove some energies that had been holding me back since I remember me. I also felt higher in energy after the clearing and more present in every moment. After this experience, I feel more Free, Abundant & Joyful. As I have been on the spiritual path for quite a while, but on a few occasions have I experienced such shifts in a single session.

I love my life more than ever before. Thank you, Valerye, for your selfless service to the planet.

Styrmir Joshua

The multidimensional energy clearing was an amazing experience in which time stood still and I was able to rejoin my true self.  It left me refreshed, re-energized, and determined to continue to pursue my spiritual journey with renewed vigour. The Karuna Reiki attunement was a powerful experience too, my hands were almost on fire when receiving the symbols and I felt totally relaxed afterward and with a great connection to the symbols when I started meditating on them the following day, as per instructions. Valerye is an amazing channeler with a true connection to higher energies, super sharp intuition, and an excellent teacher. This was a remote session because of lockdown, but it didn’t matter as it felt Valerye was in the same room as me.

MF Oxfordshire

Hi Valerye
I hope you are well and your flow has been smooth, especially on your travels.
Felt to share with you that I have felt so well since my visit to you. I don’t have a ache in my body and also my anxiety has subsided and have attended many yoga sessions, first time for 18 months.

I was amazed to how I took to meditate with the symbols and after the three week finished to the day, I found myself at the home of 2 wonderful Sai Baba devotees, sitting in their pray room, it felt like a full circle.

I gave my first healing and was amazed, but then thought why, everything you said would happen did, I always had full faith in you, now I have to work on having some faith in myself.

Sai ram
Much love
Pauline xx

Karuna Reiki

Dear Valerye

This is Mark Kuchugurov. Two years ago I visited Camelot Retreat and obtained Karuna Reiki attunements. It was 31.03, so i decided to write you.

I would like to say that I am grateful to you for this attunements. It completely changed my life. I survived such strong and difficult transformations))) I realised why a lot of Reiki masters say that before Karuna Reiki it would be better to be Usui Reiki master, because the speed and depth of transformations is too high. However without exaggeration it saved my life. And in spite of all difficulties I obtained such huge experience that I remember that time with smile and happiness!!

I have to say that I found my path, my direction. It definitely related to healing, spiritual healing. I have strong desire to work with people, to help them, to give the direction. It is my perpose, predestination, mission. It’s like my inner light, that shines outside and brings truth, way to go. I realized that this light of me as soul, just should be released and thats all, because it doesn’t matter what I do and which way – just my presence makes healing effect on situations, people, and its the most exciting.

Now I continue using the Karuna Reiki in my life. I understand how serious this work I am doing with Ancient Masters and how easy to do changes, to create miracles)), how interesting and exciting such cooperative work and how powerful healing tools I obtained.

For now my main work is about rebuilding my normal life, I mean in all main spheres of human life, such as work, money, relations, love and so on… But I feel the desire to become more professional in healing in future, and I hope that someday soon I will be allowed to become a Karuna Reiki Master and I hope I will be able to ask you to for the attunements.

Sincerely yours, with deep gratitude
Mark Kuchugurov

Sacred Glastonbury Retreat

Dear Valerye,
Exactly one year has passed now since the ‘mystery’ took me to your doorstep, one Sunday night on Nov. 10, 2013, arriving with a little statue of St. Mary of Gozo. It was a very pleasant and deep experience to be with you and in your sacred space. To be initiated by you into Reiki and to sense the depth of this place called Glastonbury.
I hope you are doing well and your center is thriving, able to provide your home for discovery to many wayfarers. My own life has been going ahead with many outside and inside adventures this past year; and many deep dives into various aspects of the mystery. The latest one was participating in a Sufi retreat with Llewellyn Vaughn Lee in California. I am drawn to sufism as my own place in Tunisia is close to sufi teachers grave. More later.
On this 11. day of the 11. month of the year I just wish to once again thank you so much for having been there for me last year. May the mystery bring us together again whenever the moment is right.
Blessings. Baraka.

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Another enlightening experience. Thank you.
Jane L

Lovely energies. deep, deep meditation. Fantastic day full of learning.
Jane B

Karuna Reiki 1 & 2

Thank you Valerye for the powerful energy clearing and Karuna Reiki attunements. I feel strong shifts are still taking place as this lovely
compassionate energy continues work through me. Your insights and intuitive gifts have helped me through the process and I look forward to doing more work with you.
Lots of love
Linda Paris

A lot of clearing. relaxing. felt the energies lovely experience. Thank you.

Very powerful attunement, perfectly, lovingly, powerfully given.

Thank you for the experience. Very powerful and relaxing.

Thank you for a powerful experience. Hello to the white buffalo woman!

Anubis Reiki 1 & 2

As always with Valerye a day of love, high energy and sharing. fabulous!

What an amazing day. thank you to all the energies and beings who came today for this marvellous transformation. In gratitude.

Multidimensional energy clearing and realignment. I was guided to be with Valerye and her website spoke so much truth directly to my heart. I feel at peace with myself and full of joy.

My deepest gratitude for an amazingly powerful and profound session. Valerye brought through the highest energies, allowing a full activation to occur.

Very powerful healing. Lots resonated. In touch with angels, ascended masters, associates of Camelot. Great images especially of Egypt.

Feeling calm. serene, safe and excited about the future. a heartfelt thanks to you Valerye and all the beings of light.

Very powerful reconnection of energies on many levels. Very clearing. Release of multi dimensional contracts allowing me to move forward in a clear way. Profound!

Usui Reiki

Blissful journey felt safe and beautiful energy dawn

Ascended Masters

Valerye I am so grateful for the work you have done with the masters and us. So blessed and happy to be here.

The workshop was amazing. thank you, thank you, thank you!

Been to beyond the beyond and back, beautiful gateway. Thank you thank you.

Truly amazing. A most transformational weekend. I came away with more than I could have hoped for. Forward into the light.

Great weekend! Special thanks to Babaji and Sai-Baba.

Amazing weekend. Lots of love felt and my heart has been opened. I would love to do it all again and will attend your next workshop happilly.